Friday, May 27, 2005

Yarn Addicts Unite!

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Recently several of us were amazed to find that there was an active web ring for those who were addicted to yarn and stash hoarding, where you are required to pledge to reduce your stash by 50 to 75% and to keep your stash at a minimum going forward.

The purpose of this web ring is to allow all of us who suffer from yarn addiction and often also the need to acquire more yarn (even orange/red/purple variegated just because you never know when you will need it!) to find kindred souls who understand and relate to the disease...yes, addicition to yarn is a disease, one which is incurable!

Member Guidelines

1 - All members of this ring should have a compulsive disorder to purchase and/or hoard yarn

2 - Petting, staring, drooling and lusting over old, new and future yarn stash is to be expected of members

3 - Occasional Stash Buster challenges are permitted under the terms of membership to the ring, but depletion of your stash over a long period without any renewal is cause for removal from the ring (why anyone would want to do this is beyond a true addicts comprehension)

4 - It is not a requirement to be actively acquiring new stash - not everyone can afford to purchase new yarn and we would never want to descriminate against anyone for this!

5 - Links to various yarns shops, manufacturers and yarn related sites are available for members to use to plan future yarn purchases, purchase yarn and use the yarn purchased!

After joining, you will receive your ring code. Please put it on your site as soon as possible.

The ring code must be on your site before we can accept you into the ring. We will verify your site as soon we are able. Once you are accepted into the Yarn Addicts Unite web ring, you will receive an e-mail confirming your membership.

Many thanks to Melissa for her creative design on the button!!

Happy Stashing!!